Secretary:      Chris Burns​

Treasurer:     Brian Phelps​

Sportsman's Bass Club of Southwest Louisiana

Sportsman's Bass Club of Southwest Louisiana is proud to announce the winners of our 2023 high school graduate scholarship. 

Avery Harper (East Beauregard).  Avery will attend Burks Medical Training in Rosepine to be a Medical Assistant.

Jayden Meadows (East Beauregard).  Jayden will attend Sowella in Lake Charles to study welding. 

The students were asked to write a brief essay describing how they feel about the great outdoors including their definition of conservation.  The Bass Club would like to congratulate both Avery and Jayden, and wish them the best in continuing their education.

Left to Right: Steve Burks, Jayden Meadows, Avery Harper, Jimmie Box, Brian Phelps. 

​​​2023 Highschool Scholarship Winners


Our next club meeting will be Monday 6/19/23, 6:30pm at The Tackle Box.

President:       Jimmie Box

Weighmaster:  Jacob Cart​

Vice President:  Steve Burks

DeRidder, LA  70634